Iftekharuzzaman (Ed.). (1998). Ethnicity and Constitutional Reform in South Asia. New Delhi: Manohar.

Ethnic issues are at the roots of many of the vexing problems and conflicts between and within nations today. In many cases ethnicity political assertion transforms into secessionist movement defying political and constitutional response. The upsurge of ethno-political strife that often has cross-border implications is also a major source of threat to national, regional international security. This whole issue highlights the importance of constitutional reform in preventing and resolving ethnic conflict. The linkage between ethnicity and constitutional reform is of ceaseless academic and policy interest, particularly in the context of South Asia where very few other factors are more dominant in national and regional spheres. This book probes into the problem of ethnicity in South Asia and examines if and to what extent constitutional reform is a way out.

ISBN: 81- 7304 -207- 1