Banerjee, D. (Ed.). (2000). Security Studies in South Asia: Change and Challenges. New Delhi: Manohar & Distributors.

What in today’s world constitutes national security? What is it that is most important for a nation to protect and for which it needs to evolve strategies? Are state borders and frontiers the most crucial and therefore ought to be defended against all forms of external aggression and influence and at all costs? Or, are there other issues or core values, or matters that directly affect the interests of the citizens and concern their personal security in a more immediate manner, the protection of which can often brook or delay? There are no clear answers to these questions yet or perhaps even in the near future. However, in the coming decades, these issues will emerge as major questions facing South Asia. This book is a small step in developing a better understanding of the issues.

ISBN: 81- 7304- 363- 9