Khan, A. R. (Ed.). (2001). Globalization and Non-Traditional Security in South Asia. Dhaka: Academic Press and Publisher for Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, Colombo.

This particular volume is the outcome of a preliminary exercise linking two very tangible phenomena of our contemporary existence: Globalization and non-traditional security, in the context of South Asia. Globalization affects countries and societies differentially depending on a wide array of factors including stages of development, motivations of state and sub state actors. So, how has South Asia been affected by globalization? Which are the sectors and social groups in South Asian countries on which globalization is impacting? What has been the impact of globalization on growth, equity and poverty in the South Asian countries? These questions transform the globalization discourse into the domain of what we call non-traditional security. Thus, this volume attempts to answer the above mentioned questions and understand the impact of these growing non- traditional security issues on South Asia.

ISBN: 984- 08- 0168- 6