Twelfth RCSS Summer Workshop
Marawila, Sri Lanka

RCSS held its 12th Summer Workshop on “Defence, Technology and Cooperative Security in South Asia” in Marawila, Sri Lanka,on 2-12 September 2006. The project was funded by MacArthur Foundation, United States Institute of Peace and Ploughshares Fund.

The Workshop was attended by a select group of thirty one young scholars from China, India and Pakistan.

The Summer Workshop focused on seven major themes:

• Regional and nuclear security in South Asia
• Role of military and nuclear technology
• Doctrines, arms control and disarmament
• Fissile materials
• Emerging security concepts
• Non-nuclear security issues
• Kashmir and SARRC as case studies

In his welcome remarks Prof. Syed Rifaat Hussain, Executive Director, RCSS, stated that the forum had been established with a view to ensuring that the next generation of South Asians is better equipped to deal with the challenges posed by issues of defence, national security, regional stability and confidence building in South Asia. He expressed his deep gratitude to The MacArthur Foundation, USIP and Ploughshares Fund for their generous support for the Summer Workshop activity.

Mr. Inam Ul Haque, former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Pakistan delivered the keynote address on the timely topic “Future of Conflict, Nuclearization and Cooperation in South Asia.” He emphasized that the theme of the 12th Summer Workshop was important not only for countries in the region but for the entire international community as well. Mr. Haque discussed the history, theory and emerging realities relating to the changing nature of conflict and nuclearization in South Asia. He concluded his address by highlighting the need for developing a triad of Peace, Security and Economic Development in the region. Mr. Inam Ul Haque’s wide-ranging address was followed by a stimulating question & answer session during which questions relating to the need for deepening and broadening the space for cooperative security between India, Pakistan and China were raised.