Conference on Human Security+10 of South Asia 2008-01-22 Colombo, Sri Lanka RCSS in collaboration with Saferworld, UK hosted the conference on “Human Security + 10: Emerging Issues for the coming Decade in South Asia” for think tanks from the region to examine selected core threats to human security in the region. The conference was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 22-23 January 2008 and had 20 participants representing think tanks in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The objective of the conference was to develop a nuanced analysis of the human security issues that would determine the welfare of South Asian peoples in the coming 10 years, and to develop an agenda for research and policy engagement. The conference included sessions on the themes of democratic governance; ideologies and extremism; law and justice; livelihoods, poverty and exclusion; and disasters and insecurity. The conference expects to, develop a shared understanding among participants on the outlook for human security in the South Asia region in the coming ten years; build on existing links between organizations with common objectives focused on the enhancement of human security in the region; identify a series of ‘entry points’ or key areas where progress is critical as a guide to engagement on policy at the national and regional level in the coming decade; produce a paper summarizing the presentations and discussions, and consolidating recommendations from the event. It was also proposed that the participating institutions sent proposals on emerging human security threats in the region, out of which three will be given grants to carry out the relevant research studies.