Mrs. Kamani Perera (Librarian, RCSS) will be co-chairing a session on ‘Online Archaeology: Internet as a powerful tool for education and learning’ at the Eighth World Archaeological Congress (WAC-8) that will be held on 28 August 2016 – 2 September 2016 in Kyoto, Japan.

She will also deliver the following presentations:

1) Web Archaeology: Powerful Tool for Linking Past and Future – Kamani Perera, Sri Lanka
2) A beginner’s guide to stealing fire: Non-profit, open access and the future of academic publishing – Kamani Perera, Otis Crandell, Līga Zarina, SRI LANKA/BRAZIL/LATVIA
The World Archaeological Congress (WAC) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization and is the only representative worldwide body of practicing archaeologists. WAC seeks to promote interest in the past in all countries, to encourage the development of regionally based histories and to foster international academic interaction. Its aims are based on the need to recognize the historical and social roles as well as the political context of archaeology, and the need to make archaeological studies relevant to the wider community.

WAC is an international forum for discussion for anyone who is concerned with the study of the past. WAC holds an international congress every four years to promote: the exchange of results from archaeological research; professional training and public education for disadvantaged nations, groups and communities; the empowerment and support of Indigenous groups and First Nations peoples; and the conservation of archaeological sites.

Previous WAC Congresses have been held in England, Venezuela, India, South Africa, the United States, Ireland and Jordan.