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Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) together with Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC) organized a series of events from 4th to 8th June, 2018 presenting an opportunity to many scholars, academics and members of civil society organizations across the world to network and collaborate in promoting conflict prevention and peacebuidling. The GPPAC Week consisted of three main activities: the International Steering Group meeting of GPPAC 2018, Conference on Youth Radicalization, and Regional Steering Group meeting.

GPPAC ISG Meeting 2018
International Steering Group (ISG) is the global governing body of GPPAC. It consists of a minimum of 15 persons representing GPPAC regions plus a maximum of 6 non-regional members. ISG members are internationally recognized figures on prevention of armed conflicts, and peacebuilding in their respective regions. 30 people from GPPAC participated in the ISG meeting 2018.

This is the first time that the ISG meeting is in South Asia. It was held from 4 June to 6 June, 2018 at Ramada Hotel, Colombo.

Conference on “Trends in Youth Radicalization in South Asia”
The Conference, held on 7th June, 2018, at Ramada Hotel, Colombo, aimed to identify the diverse trends and processes in youth radicalization in South Asia in order to propose strategies as how to promote positive youth radicalism towards socio-political progress in South Asia.

Regional Steering Group (RSG) Meeting GPPAC South Asia 
The main objective of the RSG Meeting, held on 8th June, 2018, at Ramada Hotel, Colombo, is to discuss the identified country activity in the year 2018 and also to plan out activities of GPPAC South Asia network for the year 2019.

Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC) which is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, is a member-led network of civil society organisations (CSOs) active in the field of conflict prevention and peacebuilding across the world. The network is organised around 15 regional networks of local organisations, each region having its own priorities, character and agenda.
The GPPAC regions are Eastern and Central Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, North America, South Asia, The Pacific, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Western Balkans.