GPPAC South Asia held a conference for university students and youth on “Youth and Radicalization in South Asia”, at the National College, Kathmandu University in Nepal on the 1st of July, 2019 . The conference consisted of two sessions. The first was on youth radicalization in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Mr. Ashish Banik from the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, Ms. Kabi Adhikari, a writer from Kathmandu and Mr. Manjula Gajanayake from the Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) in Sri Lanka gave presentations. It was followed by an interactive dialogue with students from SAARC countries in Kathmandu.

The second session was on “Addressing Youth Radicalization through Inclusivity”. Ms. Nighat Khan spoke on “Preventing and Managing Radicalization through Inclusion”, focusing on UNSCR 1325.  Ms. Vishaka Dharmadasa spoke about “Preventing and Managing Radicalization through Inclusion” with special emphasis on SDGs.  Ms. Seema Kakran presented on “Mainstreaming Youth Narratives in South Asia – Lessons from mainstreaming gender narratives”.  And Ms. Yutsa Bhatai spoke on Gender Equality in Nepal.