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Preserving Nature’s Gifts in the New Normal

By Dr. Sarala Fernando   Many excellent recommendations are appearing in the press these days about the path forward after COVID-19, such as increased focus on domestic agriculture, energy resort to renewables, re-thinking...

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COVID 19 – Future Strategic Relations

By Vijay Prasad Jayshwal   Nepal in South Asia occupies a very unique position in terms of its geopolitics, cross-cultural relations with two rising powers of the world, soft power, people-to-people connectivity, and also a...

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A Year in Review: Sri Lanka 09/01/17-23/01/17

Sri Lanka, though a small island state, lies at the tip of the South Asian subcontinent and at the center of the Indian Ocean. In a vastly interconnected world, the sweeping effects of globalisation; China’s economic downturn;...

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The Unconventional Classroom 04/07/16 – 18/07/16

Rows of benches tightly packed, facing a blackboard, where the teacher lectures and the students quietly and rather passively listen to the teacher – such is the face of the conventional classroom. Of course, there are...

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