RCSS Library

Since its inception in March 2001, the RCSS library has been playing an important role in imparting information to the scholarly community in the south Asian region. The need for a good research library on South Asian Security Studies was felt, as there is a dearth of information for university students, scholars, military officers and researchers. Having established the RCSS library in 2001, people from each corner of the country visit the RCSS library to obtain knowledge and information. As Sri Lanka is a developing country most of the university undergraduates do not have easy access to reading materials for their studies. The RCSS library helps them to obtain maximum usage of scholarly materials through its physical and e-repository collections. In particular it has now become a popular location for foreign students and researchers pursuing studies on Sri Lanka and the South Asian region. The reference material available in the library covers almost all aspects of modern international studies, such as those dealing with conflict and peace, traditional and non-traditional sources of civil friction, arms proliferation, war-displaced populations, and human security issues. The RCSS library services are offered to universities, military academies, research institutes, schools, NGO/INGOs and the public in the region.

RCSS Digital Library

The library of RCSS has created a blog on Strategic Studies and a Digital Reference Library Portal on South Asian Strategic Studies and International Relations to provide effective information services regionally and globally.

The RCSS Digital Library can be accessed here: (RCSS Library)

Services offered by the Library

  • Physical Repository
  • Electronic Repository (Offline)
    • e-subject
    • e-journal
    • e-books
    • e-theses
  • Digital Reference Library Portal (online)
  • Blog on Strategic Studies (Online)
  • Workshops on Skills Development for Research/Dissertation

Beneficiaries of the Library

  • University scholars
  • Undergraduates
  • Research scholars
  • Military personnel
  • Scientists
  • Media personnel
  • Government officials
  • Civil Society and Peace-building actors
  • Local and international Non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • Think Tanks
  • Experts/resource persons
  • General public

E- Journal Titles

  • Adelphi Papers
  • American Academy of Political and Social Science
  • Asia Policy
  • Asian Security
  • Asian Survey
  • Australian Journal of International Affairs
  • Cambridge Review of International Affairs
  • Chinese Journal of International Politics
  • Conflict, Security and Development
  • Contemporary South Asia
  • Democratization
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • International Organization
  • International Security
  • International Studies Quarterly
  • Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • Journal of Intervention and State Building
  • Journal of Peace Research (Taylor & Francis Ltd.)
  • Journal of Strategic Studies (Taylor & Francis Ltd.)
  • Military Balance
  • Military Psychology
  • Political Science Quarterly
  • Security Dialogue
  • Security Studies (Taylor & Francis Ltd.)
  • Small Wars and Insurgencies (Taylor & Francis Ltd.)
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Comments
  • Strategic Survey
  • Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
  • Survival (Taylor & Francis Ltd.)
  • World Affairs
  • World Policy
  • World Politics


Thirty-four subjects are covered in the ETD repository in RCSS Library. Total of 351 ETDs are coming under the following subjects fields.

  1. Armed Conflict
  2. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear(CBRN)
  3. Civil Military Relationship
  4. Cyber Threats
  5. Defense
  6. Development Security
  7. Democracy
  8. Demography
  9. Disarmament
  10. Disaster Management
  11. Economy
  12. Energy
  13. Environment
  14. Foreign Policy
  15. Future Studies
  16. Gender
  17. Governance
  18. Human security
  19. International Law
  20. Internal Security
  21. Maritime Security
  22. Media
  23. Migration
  24. Military
  25. Non-traditional Security
  26. Peace-building
  27. Political violence
  28. Radicalization
  29. Regional Cooperation
  30. Religion
  31. Security Sector Reform
  32. Small Arms
  33. Strategic Studies
  34. Terrorism