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Aum Shinrikyo: Insights Into How Terrorists Develop Biological and Chemical Weapons
Dr. Richard J. Danzig, Dr. Marc Sageman, Dr. Terrance Leighton, Dr. Lloyd Hough, Hidemi Yuki, Rui Kotani, Zachary M. Hosford

In the Second Edition of the 2011 CNAS report Aum Shinrikyo: Insights Into How Terrorists Develop more

Global Swing States: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and the Future of International Order
Dr. Daniel Kliman, Richard Fontaine

The rise of four powerful democracies – Brazil, India, Indonesia and Turkey – presents one of the more

Upholding the Promise: A Strategy for Veterans and Military Personnel
Phillip Carter

After more than a decade of war, several years of constrained national budgets and a changing more

Yokota: Civil-Military Use of U.S. Bases in Japan
Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, Paul S. Giarra, Zachary M. Hosford, Timothy A. Walton

In Yokota: Civil-Military Use of U.S. Bases in Japan, authors Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, CNAS Senior more

Deliberations of a Working Group on Military and Diplomacy
Report of the IDSA Working Group

The Indian defence establishment is confronted today with what is probably its greatest challenge more

Pakistan on the Edge
Pakistan Project Report

The Pakistan Project of IDSA has come up with a second report titled Pakistan on the Edge. This more

Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia
Nihar Nayak, Editor

This volume brings together views of some of the most eminent scholars and security analysts from more

India's Neighbourhood: The Armies of South Asia
Vishal Chandra, Editor

This book is an attempt to examine the role, relevance and status of the armies in the ever dynamic more

Net Security Provider: India’s Out-of-Area Contingency Operations
IDSA Task Force Report

The report analyses previous deployments of the Indian military outside its borders, including in more

Nuclear Scholars Initiative: A Collection of Papers from the 2012 Nuclear Scholars Initiative
John K. Warden and Stephanie Spies

The 2012 Nuclear Scholars Initiative featured an outstanding class of 21 graduate students and more

Decoding the International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities
Ajey Lele

Space technologies are critical to diverse human activities including communication, education, navigation, more

Poverty and Sustainable Development in Asia: Impacts and Responses to the Global Economic Crisis
Armin Bauer, Myo Thant (Editors)

This joint ADB and ADBI book features selected papers from a conference on the social and more

The Asian Tsunami: Aid and Reconstruction After a Disaster
Sisira Jayasuriya, Peter McCawley (Editors)

The death toll following the 2004 Asian tsunami—close to 230,000 people—was stunning. The more

Monetary and Currency Policy Management in Asia
Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan, Shinji Takagi (Editors)

Monetary and Currency Policy Management in Asia draws lessons from the financial crisis of 1997–1998, more

Implications of the Global Financial Crisis for Financial Reform and Regulation in Asia
Masahiro Kawai, David G. Mayes, Peter J. Morgan (Editors)

The 1997–1998 Asian financial crisis highlighted shortcomings in Asian financial markets, notably more

A Decade of Implementing the United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Analysis of National Reports
S. Parker & K. Green

The purpose of the Second Review Conference in 2012 is to review progress made in the more

Grand Strategy for India 2020 and Beyond
V. Krishnappa and Princy Marin George

This volume presents perspectives on cross-cutting issues of importance to India’s grand strategy more

Return from the Precipice: Bangladesh’s Fight Against Terrorism
Anand Kumar

The image of Bangladesh of being a ‘moderate Muslim country’ was tarnished at the turn of the 20th more

Assessing Track 2 Diplomacy in the Asia Pacific region: A CSCAP reader
Edited by Desmond Ball and Kwa Chong Guan

This book is intended to provide a critical assessment of the role of Trace 2 diplomacy in the Asia more

Understanding Impact of Police, Justice and Corrections Components in UN Peace Operations
William Durch; Madeline England; Fiona Mangan; Michelle Ker

Over the last decade or so, the UN Security Council gave complex UN peace operations broader more


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