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Pakistan on the Edge

Pakistan Project Report

The Pakistan Project of IDSA has come up with a second report titled Pakistan on the Edge. This more

Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia

Nihar Nayak, Editor

This volume brings together views of some of the most eminent scholars and security analysts from more

Asian Defense Spending, 2000–2011

David J. Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Joachim Hofbauer, Priscilla Hermann, Sneha Raghavan

This report analyzes the defense budgets of the five countries with the largest defense budgets in more

America's Interests in India

Marshall M. Bouton

In this U.S.-India Initiative Series working paper, author Marshall Bouton explores U.S. strategic more

Managing 21st-Century Diplomacy: Lessons from Global Corporations

Kristin M. Lord, Richard Fontaine

As the State Department prepares to implement recommendations from its first Quadrennial Diplomacy more

Pressure: Coercive Economic Statecraft and U.S. National Security

Dr. David Asher, Victor Comras, Dr. Patrick M. Cronin

In recent years, the world has witnessed the power of the global economy to impact states' behavior more

Poverty and Sustainable Development in Asia: Impacts and Responses to the Global Economic Crisis

Armin Bauer, Myo Thant (Editors)

This joint ADB and ADBI book features selected papers from a conference on the social and more

The Asian Tsunami: Aid and Reconstruction After a Disaster

Sisira Jayasuriya, Peter McCawley (Editors)

The death toll following the 2004 Asian tsunami—close to 230,000 people—was stunning. The more

Monetary and Currency Policy Management in Asia

Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan, Shinji Takagi (Editors)

Monetary and Currency Policy Management in Asia draws lessons from the financial crisis of 1997–1998, more

Implications of the Global Financial Crisis for Financial Reform and Regulation in Asia

Masahiro Kawai, David G. Mayes, Peter J. Morgan (Editors)

The 1997–1998 Asian financial crisis highlighted shortcomings in Asian financial markets, notably more

Grand Strategy for India 2020 and Beyond

V. Krishnappa and Princy Marin George

This volume presents perspectives on cross-cutting issues of importance to India’s grand strategy more

Nation Making in Asia: From Ethnic to Civic Nations?

Muthiah Alagappa

The nation state is the fundamental building block of domestic and international politics. The more

India’s Neighbourhood: Challenges in the Next Two Decades

Rumel Dahiya and Ashok K. Behuria

The chapters in the book take a prospective look at India's neighbourhood, as it may evolve by more

Sri Lanka: Governance Report

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL)

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) retains a vision to build a nation that upholds more

Multiregionalism and Multilateralism : Asian-European Relations in a Global Context

Bersick, Sebastian, Stokhof, Wim & Velde, Paul van der

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM, est. 1996) is an inter-regional forum which consists of the members more

Reassessing China: Awaiting Xi Jinping

William H. Overholt

In the Hu Jintao era (2002–2012) China’s politics, economics, and national security policies have more

Beyond Afghanistan: A Regional Security Strategy for South and Central Asia

David W. Barno, USA (Ret.), Dr. Andrew M. Exum, Matthew Irvine

The United States is at a strategic inflection point in South and Central Asia. The death of Osama more

Cooperation from Strength: The United States, China and the South China Sea

Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, Peter A. Dutton, M. Taylor Fravel, James R. Holmes, Robert Kaplan, Will Rogers, Ian Storey

American interests are increasingly at risk in the South China Sea due to the economic and military more

The China Challenge: Military, Economic and Energy Choices Facing the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, Paul S. Giarra, Zachary M. Hosford

The U.S.-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, but more

Shifting Capital: The Rise of Financial Centres in Greater China

Paola Subacchi, Helena Huang, Alberta Molajoni, Richard Varghese

This report focuses on the steps that China is taking to reform its financial services sector more


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