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Global Swing States: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and the Future of International Order

Dr. Daniel Kliman, Richard Fontaine

The rise of four powerful democracies – Brazil, India, Indonesia and Turkey – presents one of the more

Pakistan on the Edge

Pakistan Project Report

The Pakistan Project of IDSA has come up with a second report titled Pakistan on the Edge. This more

Crime Wars: Gangs, Cartels and U.S. National Security

Colonel Robert Killebrew, USA (Ret.), Jennifer Bernal

As illustrated by the unprecedented violence in Mexico, drug trafficking groups have evolved to not more

America's Interests in India

Marshall M. Bouton

In this U.S.-India Initiative Series working paper, author Marshall Bouton explores U.S. strategic more

Grand Strategy for India 2020 and Beyond

V. Krishnappa and Princy Marin George

This volume presents perspectives on cross-cutting issues of importance to India’s grand strategy more

Crossroads: The Future of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership

Haim Malka

The U.S.-Israel partnership is under unprecedented strain. The relationship is deep and cooperation more

India’s Neighbourhood: Challenges in the Next Two Decades

Rumel Dahiya and Ashok K. Behuria

The chapters in the book take a prospective look at India's neighbourhood, as it may evolve by more

Reversing Pakistan’s Descent: Empowering its Middle Class

Xenia Dormandy

Pakistan is not, today, a failed state. However, for the first time since I started focusing on more

Upheaval: U.S. Policy Toward Iran in a Changing Middle East

Dr. Marc Lynch

The wave of uprisings that have rocked the Arab world will have dramatic consequences for America’s more

Internet Freedom: A Foreign Policy Imperative in the Digital Age

Richard Fontaine, Will Rogers

From Egypt to Tunisia to Iran, the world has borne witness to the power of the Internet and new more

Beyond Afghanistan: A Regional Security Strategy for South and Central Asia

David W. Barno, USA (Ret.), Dr. Andrew M. Exum, Matthew Irvine

The United States is at a strategic inflection point in South and Central Asia. The death of Osama more

America's Civilian Operations Abroad: Understanding Past and Future Requirements

Dr. Nora Bensahel, Dr. Patrick M. Cronin

America’s Civilian Operations Abroad: Understanding Past and Future Requirements, authored by Dr. more

America's Path: Grand Strategy for the Next Administration

Dr. Robert J. Art, Dr. Peter Feaver, Richard Fontaine, Dr. Kristin M. Lord, Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter

America confronts a world in transition. Whatever the outcome of the November 2012 presidential election, more

Strategic Adaptation: Toward a New U.S. Strategy in the Middle East

Dr. Bruce Jentleson, Dr. Andrew M. Exum, Melissa Dalton, John Dana Stuster

The upheaval that has shaken the Middle East since January 2011 has clearly demonstrated some of more

U.S. Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula

Charles L. Pritchard and John H. Tilelli Jr., Chairs Scott A. Snyder, Project Director

As tensions on the Korean peninsula rise after an international investigation found that North more

China Year Book 2011

Mandip Singh

An annual publication from the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), The China Year more

Chinese Debates of South China Sea Policy :Implications for Future Developments

Li Mingjiang,

The past few years have been an eventful period for the South China Sea dispute. The tensions and more

In Search of Congruence Perspectives on India-US Relations under the Obama Administration

Thomas Mathew

The Presidency of George W. Bush has been described as the best years of India-US relations. There is, more

India-Bangladesh Relations: Towards Convergence

IDSA Task Force Report

On the eve of PM's forthcoming visit to Dhaka, IDSA has come out with a task force report titled " more

Third-Generation Indian Perceptions of the Kashmir Issue

A. Subramanyam Raju

The foreign policy of a State is the product of a complex interplay of domestic, regional and more


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