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China Year Book 2011
Mandip Singh
Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA), India

An annual publication from the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), The China Year Book 2011 is a round-up of events and issues of significance that occurred in China during the past year and covers foreign relations, the economy, military, media, and politics in the country. The Year Book seeks to promote a better understanding of contemporary issues affecting China and their impact on India. This first edition of an annual series of year books is a compilation of incisive chapters focussing on China’s relations with the US, South Asia, ASEAN, Japan and East Asia, Central and West Asia, and the SCO. India-China relations—of considerable interest and significance to India—are discussed as are the Chinese economy, media, the People’s Liberation Army, and the political landscape inside the country. A one-stop reference for significant events in China during the past year, the Year Book has been compiled by IDSA scholars and China specialists. It would be useful for scholars and researchers, diplomats, journalists, strategic affairs experts as well as the interested general reader who seeks to know more about China.
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