This page is dedicated to a series of videos on “Intergenerational Stories of Peace”. This is an output of a project implemented in the year 2020 by the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) South Asia group. The page features 32 intergenerational peace videos. Selected peacebuilders from across India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are featured in these videos.

These videos were created after identifying the inter-generational peacebuilding trends and inter-generational gap in peacebuilding efforts across these countries. Youth have self-identified as the hashtag generation and has a different approach to confronting shrinking spaces as opposed to the older generation’s traditional ways of challenging the state and engaging in peacebuilding. Therefore, it is important for both the generations, the old and the young, to come to a common platform to share stories and experiences of building peace and managing conflict. In these videos, where both generations have been interviewed, they share their perspectives and experiences of being peacebuilders in a volatile region like South Asia region.