Kodikara Research Awards

The Kodikara Award was originally introduced by RCSS in 1996 and the number of awards given has varied over the years. Named in honour of Prof. Shelton U. Kodikara, the founding Executive Director of RCSS, the Kodikara Award encourages rigorous research by a younger generation of South Asian academics and professionals on relevant themes of strategic interest in South Asia.

The primary objective is to address the main areas of research interest of RCSS by sponsoring policy-relevant studies. It intends to encourage rigorous research, particularly targeted to younger generations of scholars who can bring into focus fresh perspectives and new ideas. The aim is to strengthen research interests and expertise on relevant subjects at the base level. The grants are offered on the basis of in-depth studies focused on South Asian strategic and international issues coupled with a problem-approach. The output research under this programme is published as RCSS Policy Studies, in a monograph.

The themes proposed for securing the grant must have a South Asian focus and relevance. These themes include: Strategies for Addressing Inequality in South Asia, Civic Engagement and Governance in South Asia, Gender, Racial and Ethnic Justice in South Asia, Natural Resources and Climate Change in South Asia. .

Nationals of all South Asian countries– Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan, the Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka –within the age limit of 25-35 years old, are eligible to receive the grant. Candidates should have a Master's degree or a PhD. in International Relations, Strategic Studies, Political Science, Economics, History, Anthropology, Journalism, International law. The programme is mainly targeted towards South Asian scholars and other professionals based in the region.

Publication and Award Recipients