Mahbub ul Haq Research Awards

The Mahbub ul Haq Award was originally introduced by RCSS in 2000 as part of the Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Project in Asia. Named after a distinguished South Asian whose vision made the UN Human Development Report a landmark of the international developmental discussion, the award encourages two young South Asian scholars of two different nationalities to work together on a common project, bringing their diverse interests and background to bear on a study.

The objective of the award programme is to provide opportunities for intensive research with specific focus on non-traditional security issues at national, regional and sub-regional level. The programme seeks to facilitate in-depth research focused on current and emerging issues of South Asia strategic and international interests coupled with a problem solving approach. A related objective is to promote collaboration and networking among individuals and institutions within and between countries, regions and sub-regions of South Asia. The long-term objective of the programme is to facilitate expertise and capacity building among individuals and institutions in coping with challenges of non-traditional security.

Many recipients of the MUH Awards have gone on to establish themselves as intellectual leaders in their respective fields and are recognized as people who have the potential to shape opinions in the coming years. Furthermore the Awards have been useful in opening doors to young people and providing them the exposure they need to establish themselves in their respective fields. As the areas of research  conducted tend to be on topical issues, these reports have also attracted the attention of policy makers in the region.  

Publication and Award Recipients